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Brief Description
CineDance is a cinematographical and choreographical concept and method to realise spectaculair media / stage performances and films. The platform is developed by Humatic, a development and media production company is looking back n many years of experience in digital sound & video, interactive & reactive media installations and performances. Technically CineDance is based on Humatic's patented Mediasystem.
Collaboration CineDance is ready for collaborations with theatres, operas, choreographers, media artists etc. Please contact Humatic for further information:
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CineDance Method
Thnks and respect to collaborators Visual concept, camera, post production in all listed projects by Humatic, Christian Graupner
Choreography: E. Fernandez, D.Spandlowsky, James Bailey
Music: A Tobin courtesy of Ninja Tune
Music: A. Schwarz -Ruszczynski & VOOV